Drum and Space is the first ever audio-visual release by outpt+paris on the Audio Algebra label. Bringing together heavy analogue beats and cool digital vocals, it is a synthetic interstellar voyage for the eyes and ears.

Drum and Space is a five song/video cycle chronicling the voyage of a future space traveller as she looks to trade the safety of her home world for the furthest regions of the universe. She begins as a optimistic explorer heading out on her own path of discovery, but her travels do not continue unaccompanied for long and her goals become more ambitious.

Available now on CD from Audio Visual Algebra or as digital downloads on Bandcamp. Additional tracks not included on the EP are available on SoundCloud. Download the digital liner notes for lyrics and more artwork.

Satellite Reports

Because music is only half of the Drum and Space experience, we are proud to present this first video, for the second track “Satellite Reports.”

In Satellite Reports, our interstellar traveller has left the bustling, populated space near home and is heading out towards the cool, unoccupied void. With no one to speak to, and nothing to listen to but the random transmissions of satellites, she silently contemplates her decision to go on. Looking out at the glow of distant stars, she begins to notice a common theme to the satellite messages. There is something else out here, floating in the vacuum. Something that has been asleep for a long time, waiting for a reason to wake up.